discover our new collection Éole living
discover our new collection Éole living
4 August 2017

Éole, as a cloud - a ethereal outdoor sofa, designed by Cindy Pooh

This year, we cooperated with Horizon Yachts Group for a new project – a lightweight and elegant sofa set for the back deck. We uses our own developed material “Outdoor Wool” for Éole collection. Such as fog and clouds wrapped around the chair body; unique texture and delicate weaving finishing, it shaped the chair surface with the three-dimensional touch; this special touch draw Smog collection to a playfully and fantasy look. The cloudy and floppy chair body is carried by the neat and elegant aluminum structure.

Lightweight furniture for yachts is a very important consideration. In Éole collection, we use our exclusive development, the "Outdoor Wool" as the main material, with powder coated aluminum structure, significantly reduces the weight of furniture.

Outdoor Wool, this unique material allows water to drain rapidly and dry fast. It is UV resistant, breathable and anti-mildew. All these characteristics bring Éole collection suitable for all types of weather environment. Through the continuous development of materials, we keep creating more possibilities for outdoor and indoor lifestyle.